Are You a Tea Expert or Coffee Connoisseur?

Are You a Tea Expert or Coffee Connoisseur?

Which drink we prefer can become a delicate debate in communities, culture, and the workforce. Americans traditionally love their coffee, with more Starbucks on every corner than libraries, while the British are renowned tea-drinkers, and the phrase “for all the tea in China” didn’t come from nowhere. It’s safe to say the differences between tea and coffee are vastly different, and we’ve picked the top three features that sets the two beverages apart.


To begin with, coffee generally has twice the amount of caffeine than that of tea – more so if you drink decaffeinated or herbal tea. This means you’ll get a better energy boost, but are more likely to crash harder after a few hours of drinking it.

Health benefits

This is a tough one, because both have equally great health benefits. However one great benefit of black tea is while tea and coffee both cause stains on teeth, black tea contains polyphenols, which help battle cavity-causing bacteria.


Coffee beans taste very different to tea leaves, so the comparison is vastly diverse. However, tea lovers will find coffee too bitter, and coffee lovers may find tea too weak-tasting. That’s not to say, however, that most of us won’t prefer to have a cup of hot coffee every now and again even if tea is our staple drink.

One of the great things about tea is its variety of flavour. Even within the black tea range, taste varies from strong and bitter to mild and sweet, depending on the leaf and how it’s harvested and processed. Coffee beans do vary, but you won’t get fruit and herbal flavours as you do with tea.

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