Can I buy on credit? 

Yes, we’ve partnered with MobiCred so that you can pay for your order in instalments instead of the full amount at once.

What are the associated fees?

The credit amount shown for each product available for credit is based upon 12 monthly repayments – This includes interest charged at 21% per year (Annual interest subject to change) and excludes the set up and service fees for MobiCred.

How do I purchase on credit?

Click on the link below to set up your MobiCred account. Once your account has been set up and approved,

  1. Simply choose the PayFast option on the checkout page,
  2. Select the MobiCred payment method
  3. Enter your MobiCred details and that’s it!

Please note that monthly subscription products cannot be purchased using MobiCred

How long does it take my MobiCred account to be approved?

Your MobiCred account can take up to 1 business day to be approved once all supporting documents have been processed. (Please note that we cannot reserve your stock during this period)

What are the requirements for opening a MobiCred account? 

A valid South African ID number, be at least 18 years of age, earn a minimum monthly salary of R5500, have an existing valid bank account, a valid email address and a RICA’d mobile number.