Speciality Teas and Herbal Infusions that You Should Try Now

Speciality Teas and Herbal Infusions that You Should Try Now

Most habitual tea drinkers have a very fine-tuned pallet, they can detect the finest notes from a green tea and the rich, earthy ones from a fermented Puerh tea.  The leaves from a tea plant are like sponges, their flavours are heavily influenced by their environment.  The same can be said after they are harvested and processed.

New Flavours and Aromas

The idea of adding ingredients to teas to produce new flavours, aromas, and health benefits is as old as making tea itself.  It’s only logically to add dried herbs, fruits, and spices to a tea base, there are so many great ingredients that complement the essence of tea.  In China, you can find a wide variety of tea mixtures, such as citrus infusions, vegetables, berries, and sweets.  Flowers are another amazing addition, which introduces even more health benefits to an already powerful drink.  Jasmine, chamomile, lavender, orchid, and even sunflowers can be great companions.

As far as spices go, countries like India and Turkey have numerous examples of how spices can transform your average cup of tea into a real treat or health tonic.  Mint, cardamom, peppers, cloves, and of course cinnamon are among a few great examples of spiced teas that warm you up and feel special.

Top Tea Infusions for Newcomers

Tea connoisseurs don’t stop at just adding other plants or essential oils to their tea blends, you can find many tea flavours on the market that sound like dish or dessert.  We would advise those who are fairly new to the world of teas to stick to the more natural-based teas, like those found on https://www.tealyst.com/ for example.

A popular tea infusion to start with is Rooibos, or red tea.  Rooibos isn’t actually tea, but it carries similar properties to green tea, only without any caffeine.  It also happens to make for a great base for fruit infusions, such as Fruit and Blossom Rooibos Tea.

Herbal infusions offer a wide variety of flavours and health benefits for drinkers.  For example, Camomile and Mint Herbal Tea is a powerful sleep aid, as well as de-stressor.  Jasmine Blossom Green Tea is a popular tea among those who have a weak immune system or high blood pressure.  Pick up some Masala Chai Black Tea if you need to increase your energy levels and improve mental sharpness.

Try these speciality teas to fall in-love with tea all over again.  There is an unlimited amount of ways you can enjoy a cup of tea.


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