Tea in the summer?!

Tea in the summer?! Tealyst – Premium Iced tea delivered to your door

As summer descends upon us, we can only hope ways of cooling down are effective and inexpensive. No-one wants to feel hot and sticky most of the day (and night!), but what can help without you even realising is the different beverages we drink.

Water is a great drink for a hot day. It’s good for you, and we should drink at least 2 litres of water per day, more if we take part in strenuous exercise or are unfortunately beaten down by hot and humid temperatures.

However, day in, day out, water can become quite boring to consume – especially when we require so much of it. Juice can be a good source of vitamin C (pressed, not from concentrate) but in large amounts can cause weight and dental problems, as too much sugar (naturally-occurring as in juice, or otherwise) can be bad for us.

A better alternative to juice, and a more exciting prospect than water, iced tea is the perfect drink to cool you down on a hot summer’s day. It brings together a tea-lover’s favourite drink and a way to cool down, and another alternative to making your favourite cup.

Usually, iced tea can be bought and consumed in more favourable forms, in a can or bottle, with lemon or lime flavours added for taste. However, these shop-bought drinks, while tasty, can actually contain just as much sugar as a regular can of coke!

The best way to ensure a great, healthy cup of iced tea is to make it yourself using your favourite blend. Simply brew your tea as you would normally do (heat brings out the flavour and allows the leaves to breathe) and add in ice to cool down. You can also make up batches, letting the tea cool down before placing in the refrigerator so you can simply pour yourself a glass on a hot day. Head over to Tealyst.com for premium Iced tea delivered to your door