Tea, You’ve Met Your Match-a!

Izu green tea matcha

Masters of tea can tell the subtly-sweet differences between a Kenyan, Indonesian, and Rooibos leaf. We all have our favourite blend, and when we find one that brings us that great sense of fulfilment and joy from just one sip, it’s hard to want to try something new.

All tea should be tried at least once – we source quality and organically-grown tea right here on Tealyst, as we bring you the experience of some of the best leaves and blends from around the world.

When it comes to an exquisite cup of hot tea, many of us have our preferred blends in mind – and green tea, with its unique flavour, can quickly become one of your favourites.

Green tea has some wonderful properties, from anti-oxidants to just tasting really good, and it can also come in many forms. One form is a green tea originating from China – matcha, which literally means “powdered tea.” Matcha has also been part of Japanese culture for centuries – in fact, this organic green tea powder has been an inherent part of Japanese traditions such as tea ceremonies, and is often associated with the art of Zen.

It is Zen and tranquillity that make matcha a highly-sought tea. Naturally-occurring caffeine in traditional green tea can often mean a tired slump at the end of the day, and because matcha is a powder the whole leaf is ingested, which means three times the amount of caffeine.

But don’t let this turn you away, because this also means you receive three times the anti-oxidant properties. Plus, matcha naturally contains the relaxing amino acid, theanine – the result you get from just one cup is a calming, ‘Zen-like’ tranquillity you really can’t experience with any other traditional blend.

At Tealyst, we work hard to source leaves from areas where the taste and quality will not be compromised. We source this delicately-grown tea from the Izu peninsula in Tokyo, Japan. Izu matcha green tea is made from Gyokuro leaves, which are shade-grown. This means during farming the leaves are kept away from direct sunlight, boosting the amount of theanine and producing a bright green, powdery texture.

Izu matcha green tea is not harvested like other green or black teas. The process involves removing the stems and veins, and the leaves are then stone-ground to create the powder. This is no easy process, as it’s thought to take up to one hour to grind approximately 30 grams of matcha! When making the tea, the powder is dissolved in water (or milk, depending on your taste!). By dissolving and ingesting the powder, you are more likely to gain benefits such as lower blood pressure and improved metabolism – benefits you literally throw away with leaf and bag infusions.

If you want to become a true seasoned matcha tea expert, traditional Izu green tea matcha is sieved first to remove clumps, then whisked in hot water with a bamboo brush to create a foam. Of course, tea is made the way you like it! You can mix the tea with a spoon just as well, and while many seasoned matcha drinkers state it should be drunk on its own, you can add sugar or milk if the taste suits you.

As one of the best-quality matcha teas from around the world, Izu green tea matcha isn’t just for people focused on their health – it’s flavoursome, delicate, and a step above traditional green teas.

With Tealyst, you’re one step away from experiencing this organic Japanese green tea for yourself! Trying matcha is easy – just simply sign up or visit our shop for a monthly or one-off Tealyst Tea Box.


Japanese traditional tea set with matcha green tea

Japanese traditional tea set with matcha green tea